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The Sparkwood and 21 Podcast: A Twin Peaks Recap

A recap and discussion featuring listener feedback by No Ship Network. Be a part of the discussion and write in at

Aug 31, 2017

Finally!!!! It has happened to me, right in front of my face, my feelings can't describe it... join us while we celebrate The Return!!!!!

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Aug 26, 2017

In this episode, No Shipper listener feedback touched on many subjects such as: Silly Steamies, Norma and Ed, Nadine and Jacoby, Sunset Blvd, Judy, Major Briggs, Cooper's current state, eeeeeeeLECTricity, the deliberateness of VFX, and Freddie "Garden Fist's" destiny.

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Aug 24, 2017

Paul's Twin Peaks mug auction can be accessed here: 

Aug 19, 2017

WOW BOB WOW great feedback this week! Sparkwood and 21 listeners wrote in with ideas regarding Freddie's purpose, the source of Sarah's darkness, and a deep deep dive into Tulpa theory.  Thank you everyone for sharing your theories with us!

Wei and Paul's link

Aug 17, 2017

We had different recording circumstances for this podcast, so we apologize for the drop in sound quality. We will be back to the usual when we record later this week with our feedback podcast. 

In this episode, we wonder about why Andy was the chosen one, compare "this" and "that" (literally), and try to connect what...