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The Sparkwood and 21 Podcast: A Twin Peaks Recap

A recap and discussion featuring listener feedback by No Ship Network. Be a part of the discussion and write in at

Aug 19, 2017

WOW BOB WOW great feedback this week! Sparkwood and 21 listeners wrote in with ideas regarding Freddie's purpose, the source of Sarah's darkness, and a deep deep dive into Tulpa theory.  Thank you everyone for sharing your theories with us!

Wei and Paul's link

Aug 17, 2017

We had different recording circumstances for this podcast, so we apologize for the drop in sound quality. We will be back to the usual when we record later this week with our feedback podcast. 

In this episode, we wonder about why Andy was the chosen one, compare "this" and "that" (literally), and try to connect what...

Aug 12, 2017

Another great batch of feedback with various ideas regarding glitches and what they might mean, the possibilities for time shifts, lodge influences and seeing the trees for the forest. We would like to heartily thank our hardworkin' feedbackin' listeners that participate in our digital water-cooler sessions. You...

Aug 10, 2017

Come on ride this train, with No Ship! Our listener feedback podcast will be available this Friday. If you want to contribute your thoughts, write in at Deadline for feedback is Thursday evening at 6:00 (EST), and please limit your contribution to two to three...

Aug 5, 2017

A fantastic turnout of feedback this episode! Well rounded and thought provoking with plenty of ideas circling around what is exactly going on with Audrey Horne. Find out more about our network and how to reach us at